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Can’t. Stop.

Law and Order SVU is one of the worst shows ever. Yet, I can’t stop watching it every week. I find it difficult to admit to myself that the Law and Order franchise is a shell of its former self … Continue reading

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You know its serious when you need to email your bff at 738am about it.

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Law and Order withdrawal

I miss Law and Order. Particularly Det. Cyrus Lupo. (I don’t really feel one way or another about Jeremy Sisto, oddly). Although Law and Order LA is not as terrible as I thought it would be, it still sorta sucks. … Continue reading

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i heart lupo 4e

I finally finished my coloring book for the Coloring Book Club that Megan created. While getting together a few final touches to add to the package to send out to my CBC partner, I showed my boss a copy yesterday. … Continue reading

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Fashion Crimes

Disclaimer: In case you didn’t know I’m a tad bit obsessed with Law and Order. I found these photos on Harper’s Bazaar’s website while I was looking for photos for my other internet project, “Fuck yeah Detective Cyrus Lupo” There’s … Continue reading

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Spammy internet IQ tests just crossed the frickin’ line.

Spammy IQ tests just crossed the line. Continue reading

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