A young Stephen Moyer..

I sorta wish that HBO didn’t release the second episode online right after the premiere. I mean, I couldn’t NOT watch it. Waiting two weeks for the next episode has sucked.

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I went to the library and got some random CD’s. Nada Surf Let Go was one of them. I forgot how hard I love this album.

Not bad for one-hit wonders.

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As you may or may not know, I quit my ridiculous job last week, without much warning/planning/savings or whatever. The sheer joy that permeates my life now that I no longer have to perform the thankless task of customer service is incommunicable. Sure, I may not be totally sure about how I’m going to pay “rent”, but I’ll figure it out. I’ve recently put all the bikes and bike parts that I have been hoarding on craigslist. If I sell all of that stuff I may be in the clear until December, haha.

There have been a lot of cool jobs advertised lately for Community Outreach Coordinator-types that seem really interesting and that I am totally qualified for. Fingers crossed that I am employed sooner than later.

Unemployment has been good so far. My pal Reilly visited last week. While she was here, I made the phone call telling my work instead of my last day being 3 weeks from when I gave notice, it was aaaactually effective immediately. So, that freed us up to go camping on the coast. We drove for miles looking for a decent campsite. Drank a surprisingly delicious Spruce Goose Pinot Noir that was $6 at Grocery Outlet. The vineyard is in McMinnville,OR which is also where the aviation museum that showcases Howard Hugh’s original Spruce Goose is located, and where Ryan Phillippe was recently spotted)

It’s so amazing to not have to deal with retail everyday anymore. NEVER AGAIN!

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I felt compelled to share this gem

I’m pretty positive this isn’t real, but it made me laugh.

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Sandy River

My roommate and I took all three of our dogs out to the giant dog park out in Troutdale, OR.

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This building, once owned by the Gas and Coke Gas Company was abandoned in 1957 and is a designated Superfund site. There is a security guard onsite at all times. Access to the interior is nearly impossible to come by for the general public, but this photographer was lucky enough to have the security guard give him a tour. The building in located on HWY 30 just outside of Portland on the way to Sauvie Island. I’ve always wondered what it looks like inside.

photos from synikat’s flickr.

Some more neat photos in the Abandoned Oregon Flickr group

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Less than a week!

Season 4: The 8 Minute Sneak Peek 

Oh True Blood, you are so ridiculous, and hot.

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This is the kitchen spider that has been a tenant since February. He curled up in a ball, and left his web in tatters for the last month or so. I thought he was a goner, but apparently he was just molting (or doing something equally as sinister) because he was back for business today.

Also pretty cringeworthy is the state of the aquarium. There haven’t been fish in it for months. It’s an experiment now.

And in contrast, I liked the way that the peonies looked next to the candles.

Marbles retrieved from various excavations in the yard.

A new iris bloomed. It is almost as tall as I am. It’s a Dutch Iris. So glad my roommate is an old-timey Iris collector/connoisseur.

They look so gorgeous juxtaposed with the voilet-colored mini roses that are starting to bloom. This photo does not really do it justice.




The general garden situation.

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