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September so far.

I was hired on full time at the messenger company that I was subbing for. Not much time to post lately. Here are some random photos from the last few weeks. Advertisements

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So this customer comes into my work often. Other than being a supernice person and owning a really cool dog.. She is also the guitarist in this video. It’s no big deal, but she is really badass as hell and … Continue reading

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Back in October 2008, I was in a liquor store in Brooklyn. It was one of those creepy ones where everything is behind bars. The guy at the cash register had this horrible facial hair which looked like this………… When … Continue reading

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Meet Meow

My roommate’s cat, Meow, is awesome. He thinks he’s a dog. I think he also might believe he’s a pancake, because I found him relaxing on the griddle this afternoon. Living at my new place is so fun. I love … Continue reading

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At my job, we give customers a serious discount on copies if they are making lost pet fliers. We also let them put a flyer up on our bulletin board. There are a few lost kitty fliers that have been … Continue reading

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A Furry?

This is David Wu. He is a Representative in Congress (for Oregon) /possible furry. He sent this photo to his staff members via his government issued blackberry. You can read more about his weird behavior here, if so inclined. Sometimes … Continue reading

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My old apartment building is haunting me.

After escaping my lease relatively unscathed (I had to pay the amount of one month’s rent as a lease breaking fee, but then they unexpectedly returned my entire deposit which is equivalent to half month’s rent) I thought I had … Continue reading

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The Twist fanzine

More from Lisa Mc****’s stash of letters and papers. I have a whole box of this stuff. She was an art student in Portland in the late 80’s and had some interesting penpals. I will scan more and post them … Continue reading

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A box of someone’s long lost letters and papers found its way across my path. Here are a few samples.

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If you give a mouse a cookie…

So two weeks into living at my new place, I am sitting in my room with just a reading light on. I notice a small dark thing moving on my floor. I turn on the overhead light and listen closely, … Continue reading

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