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Bicycle Science Experiments

I’ve been filling in some of my unemployment time with messenger work. I don’t think I would go back to work full time as a messenger because the pay and conditions pretty much suck, but 2 weeks here, a month … Continue reading

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Oh shit!

This crash from the Sunday’s Tour de France stage is ridiculous. The driver of the TV car speeds up only to realize that there is a tree in the way. The car swerves, then hits Juan Antonio Flecha who eats … Continue reading

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90’s Toronto Bike Messengers

I regret that I don’t remember who took these photos, or where I got them from. If I figure it out, I’ll post an upsdate.

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Shiny and New!

I finally got my Vintage Bridgestone roadbike fixed up. It’s not a permanent fix, as there are more parts that I want to switch out. At least i can ride it around now!!! I also got a new Freight Baggage … Continue reading

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Ride report

WARNING: This post is mostly for my own record keeping. Feel free to read, but don’t say I didn’t warn you that it was boring.

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First Brevet 200k/125mi

Bike stuff ensues……..

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Virtue and Vice

BIKING……………………………….. No spandex required. Sorry for the deluge of bicycle posts. I try to mix it up around here, but I am sick of winter. Thinking about spending tons of time outside on bikes alleviates my case of the SADS, … Continue reading

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21st Ave Cycles has started cranking out some pretty great videos

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Caution, bike dorkery ahead…

So the new Bridgestone road bike that I just got is perfect. The geometry in the frame is incredible. I am 5′ 2″. Short. I’m ok with that. Unfortunately, all of the bikes that fit me are too long (reachwise) … Continue reading

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I just purchased a 1986 Bridgestone 450.The frame fits me perfectly. I’ll post some photos once I get it spruced up a bit this weekend. Here is what it looks like in the 1986 Bridgestone catalog. *love*

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