Bicycle Science Experiments

I’ve been filling in some of my unemployment time with messenger work. I don’t think I would go back to work full time as a messenger because the pay and conditions pretty much suck, but 2 weeks here, a month there, that’s alright by me if the alternative is sitting around not doing much.

The company I have been working for has a much larger bike delivery range than the company I worked for before. Now, it’s not uncommon for me to pick up a package and deliver it 8 miles away. My old company did legal stuff, so everything was in the downtown core for the most part. It’s been fun going on these long hauls, but definitely a bit challenging.

Here are a few random pics I snapped with the smartphone.

There isn’t much time to take random pics, but I’ve seen some crazy stuff just in the last few weeks. I saw two major car accidents. One involved a city bus. Just today, I saw this crazy weirdo standing on the Hawthorne Bridge. He was barefooted, wearing a cape, facing traffic with a vintage suitcase a foot away from him, and he was doing something creepy with a doll or a puppet near his face.

Because I am a nerd, I did a science experiment today and mapped out everywhere that I could remember that I went. It ended up being about 35 miles (I am forgetting a few stops, I’m sure, so it was probably closer to 40), which isn’t that brutal for a normal road ride, but the stopping and starting that happens in traffic really takes up a lot of energy. I wore my heart rate monitor today (I know, nerd), and I burned 3100 calories in 9 hours, which isn’t too shabby considering I am a tiny person.


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One Response to Bicycle Science Experiments

  1. Megan says:

    what happened to your last random post? that dude had a massive fucking forearm tattoo.

    and I hope the new job’s going well…guess that extras thing for Portlandia never panned out? or perhaps it did…

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