New Place

Well, as much as I’ve liked living at the house where I’m at now, a turn of events has led to me finding a new place. I’m going back to apartment living, and I’m stoked. My new place is only $35 more than the last apartment that I lived at and it’s at least 200% better! There is an onsite manager, so that means I wont have to pick up dog poop in the laundry room, or call the alarm company to get the code to turn the building’s fire alarm off (yes, that is something I had to do).

The place that I’m moving into was a hotel in the 30’s and 40’s. It has sweet art deco charm. My apt is rather large (I think it is half as big as my house) and it has really great built-ins. They even left the old icebox in the kitchen. Also, there is a full-sized refrigerator and stove, which is unusual in studios. What makes me the most happy, is that there is a TON of sunlight (unlike my last place, which had none).


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