As you may or may not know, I quit my ridiculous job last week, without much warning/planning/savings or whatever. The sheer joy that permeates my life now that I no longer have to perform the thankless task of customer service is incommunicable. Sure, I may not be totally sure about how I’m going to pay “rent”, but I’ll figure it out. I’ve recently put all the bikes and bike parts that I have been hoarding on craigslist. If I sell all of that stuff I may be in the clear until December, haha.

There have been a lot of cool jobs advertised lately for Community Outreach Coordinator-types that seem really interesting and that I am totally qualified for. Fingers crossed that I am employed sooner than later.

Unemployment has been good so far. My pal Reilly visited last week. While she was here, I made the phone call telling my work instead of my last day being 3 weeks from when I gave notice, it was aaaactually effective immediately. So, that freed us up to go camping on the coast. We drove for miles looking for a decent campsite. Drank a surprisingly delicious Spruce Goose Pinot Noir that was $6 at Grocery Outlet. The vineyard is in McMinnville,OR which is also where the aviation museum that showcases Howard Hugh’s original Spruce Goose is located, and where Ryan Phillippe was recently spotted)

It’s so amazing to not have to deal with retail everyday anymore. NEVER AGAIN!


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4 Responses to Funemployment!

  1. Megan says:

    funemployment forever! or at least until the unemployment runs out…which I don’t even know if I’ve qualified for yet, but here’s hoping…

    and if you get a legit job, put in a good work for me, por favor…I’m ready to bounce out of this sheisty town, though I don’t see the likelihood of me getting employed anywhere anytime soon, so that’s probably not gonna happen…

    and I like that you peaced out when you felt like it, not when you told them you would…that is TOTALLY my style…respect.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I only wish I qualified for unemployment :/ And, I didn’t know you were done with your teaching job!!

    I just couldnt do it anymore. I felt like I would punch a customer in the face if I had to work there another day.

  3. Megan says:

    yeah, man, they fucking laid my ass off, in addition to like 1,300 other teachers…FUCK this economy! and, dude, I totally understand…fucking hating my retail jobs…and I read that link with the reviews of your former workplace and was dying laughing…I love that the Gaga fascination made it in there…

  4. Jennifer says:

    Oh man, well that sounds like a cut and dry reason to receive unemployment for you at least. Those reviews are out of control. It’s true, my co-worker would talk to people about her Gaga coloring book and I would just think in my head “STFU, they dont care about Lady Gaga, they just want to ship cookies to their kid in college, or whatever” LOL. My (ex)boss was really cool about it when he brought the reviews to our attention though. We DID listen to Bone Thugs and 2pac (and Britney and Gaga, with some indie and punk thrown in for good measure) all the time, however my boss never said we couldn’t. He even told me that it was okay if there were F-bombs on our Pandora station! I actually felt weird about it, but if the boss says it’s ok. I think my favorite review on the site was the one fro Christmas Day about what a dick my (ex)boss was. He’s the owner, so that makes it even more funny.

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