This is the kitchen spider that has been a tenant since February. He curled up in a ball, and left his web in tatters for the last month or so. I thought he was a goner, but apparently he was just molting (or doing something equally as sinister) because he was back for business today.

Also pretty cringeworthy is the state of the aquarium. There haven’t been fish in it for months. It’s an experiment now.

And in contrast, I liked the way that the peonies looked next to the candles.

Marbles retrieved from various excavations in the yard.

A new iris bloomed. It is almost as tall as I am. It’s a Dutch Iris. So glad my roommate is an old-timey Iris collector/connoisseur.

They look so gorgeous juxtaposed with the voilet-colored mini roses that are starting to bloom. This photo does not really do it justice.




The general garden situation.


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