Marine Drive

I’ve been getting home before 5pm these days, and I hardly know what to do with myself. Yesterday, I made a shredded potato pie. Today, I drove up to Marine Drive where there is a multiuse path along the Columbia River. I brought my trusted companion, Robot. He was stoked because there was so much grass to sample along the way.

Majestic Mount Hood in the distance. Honestly it took a few years to get used to this crazy mountain as a regular sight in my city. I also see Mt. St. Helens all the time and it blows my mind.

Some weird drain pipes. I thought they looked neat.

Above them was this platform. It became obvious that this spot is where high school kids hang out sometimes. Grafitti, beer cans, swishers wrappers… all telltale signs.

The airport is really close and the flight pattern follows the Columbia River into the airport. We were about 2 miles from PDX. We were there for about an hour and saw maybe 12 planes.

Robot took this walk as an exquisite culinary tour of grass. He was beside himself and chomped about every two feet.

This is Government Island. My friend Jerry said if there’s ever a zombie apocolypse this is where he’s going to hide out. I’m not really sure what his reasoning is, but it sounds legit.


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