I have to entertain myself somehow

The new store where I work now is really slow. Not a lot of people know that it’s there, so there isn’t much to do. I was asked to make a sign to inform our customers that we would be closed for Memorial Day. I opted against firework clip art.

I asked my boss if this was inappropriate. He said, “Well, what are the pros and cons?”

  • Pro-An interesting sign over some boring flag/firework business
  • Pro-Civil War is one of my top favorite history topics
  • Pro-He’s a Union soldier (Confederate soldier might send the wrong message)
  • Pro-He’s a handsome gentleman…

Ok these are the Pros from my perspective, but we couldn’t come up with any compelling cons, so I win.

Additionally awesome, my pal Eric stopped by to drop something off and I was all like “Hey, do you like this sign?” And he was all like “Oh yeah, I noticed that. Isn’t that one of your hot dead guys?” And then I was all like “Excellent”.


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