Around the House

The weather in Portland is starting to really shape up. Yesterday was really rainy, but today was only a little bit rainy and a lot sunny. I sort of have a new job, I do the same thing, and work for the same person (and sort of with the same people), but my boss opened a new store and it’s reeeally close to my house. And I’m off work at 4:30 and can bike home in 10 mins, yey!

I haven’t had much to post about, but here’s some photos from the last month or so.

I like taking pictures in the kitchen because the light is pretty in the morning (and I think I have the over-exposure thing down). There’s also a spider that has lived in this window since the middle of February. My roommates wont kill it because they think it’s cool, and hope it will kill bugs. I am totally creeped out by it. I would have killed it or thrown it outside, but it has been there so long I feel like a) it earned the territory and b)now it is huge and there’s no way I’m touching it. I cant really get a good photo because my lens can’t zoom in close enough for any clarity.

Objects may be closer than they appear.

My roommate Joel has an extensive collection of kitchen utensils. Most of these are carbon steel knives that he estimates to be very old. I think he said between 50-100 years old.

He also has a collection of various artifacts excavated from the yard (our house was built in 1906, there’s been a lot of time for it to accumulate) that sits in the windowsill in the entryway. He owns the house and collects some neat stuff.

There’s a good view of the sunset across the vacant lots outside that window.

These are the flowers my mom sent to me on my birthday. There was even some mint in there, they smelled lovely. I need to salvage what will dry nicely from this bouquet before it’s too late!

This is Joel explaining how to use my favorite utensil in the kitchen, and Chelsea demonstrates below. Now THAT is how you chop some garlic!

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