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I just swiped this photo from my cousin. The year was 1992. The place was Scotland. Me, my two brothers (TMNT and glasses), and my two cousins, and my Beverly Hills 90210 shirt. Good times. Advertisements

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Marine Drive

I’ve been getting home before 5pm these days, and I hardly know what to do with myself. Yesterday, I made a shredded potato pie. Today, I drove up to Marine Drive where there is a multiuse path along the Columbia … Continue reading

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I have to entertain myself somehow

The new store where I work now is really slow. Not a lot of people know that it’s there, so there isn’t much to do. I was asked to make a sign to inform our customers that we would be … Continue reading

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Around the House, Part II

What became of my birthday flowers. The irises are in bloom in front of the house and the potato bed is looking pretty good. I wish my hands were a bit steadier for these photos. I had just helped move … Continue reading

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Around the House

The weather in Portland is starting to really shape up. Yesterday was really rainy, but today was only a little bit rainy and a lot sunny. I sort of have a new job, I do the same thing, and work … Continue reading

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There are no words.

This is what Rhianna’s S&M has done to kids, or more specifically to this overly dramatic British pre-tween with serious orthodontic problems. If I ever have kids (which I wont), they wont be using the internet behind closed doors.

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