I live a block away from a major intersection. So in addition to the restaurants and transit stops near-by (where people dump food scraps), the chicken coop has lured some rats recently. My less squeamish roommates have been killing them left and right… by which I mean the cat, and my roommate Joel, who pierces them with a pitchfork. um, yeah.

I can’t say I hate it. I want these little bastards to eff off! I like the competition. A few times the cat has brought the rat inside, and I’ve had to remove it myself. Which, as an adult, I should deal with. Still wanted to puke everywhere,

Meow is losing, I just think he needs encouragement.


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3 Responses to Catfaced-Killah

  1. I actually love the first photo. What camera did you use?

    We have a mouse problem sometimes, there is a railway
    line behind my home and when that gets cleared the
    mice sort of run to my house, add to that that last year
    the piece of woodland to the front of my house got cleared
    for homes meant that I had major problems last Summer.

    I can’t stand mice, so I’m not sure how I would do with rats.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hey thanks! We get some really great light here in the afternoon. I used a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. I bought it refurbished earlier this year.

    Oh man, yeah if the mice get disturbed outside, they WILL find a way into your house! At least the rats at my place are only outside. It they were inside, I’d probably move out, and then light the place on fire, haha!

  3. Ah ok, yeah the mice are annoying. But since we took
    precautions not to leave crumbs about and so on there
    have been less. Say for instance we make a sandwich
    we make sure to clean the worktop off before we leave,
    stuff like that.

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