I could be your treble, baby, you could be my bass.

I have been at a loss for blog post material lately. I think it’s related to end-of-the-winter ennui.

I sorta love this necklace, although I don’t think I would be able to own it, because I’d put it on and forget it was there and wear it to work. I’m pretty lazy about jewelry, except earrings.

I am thinking about getting this ring though,

And on an unrelated note….

I fucking LOVE Britney’s new album!!! It is amazing to listen to while dancing, running, and doing bicycle maintenance. My personal favorite (slo-jam) is “Inside Out”.

So out-of-control good!

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m going out to dinner and karaoke with some friends. I hate birthdays and usually pretend they aren’t happening. This year I decided to go against the grain.


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