Virtue and Vice

BIKING……………………………….. No spandex required.

Sorry for the deluge of bicycle posts. I try to mix it up around here, but I am sick of winter. Thinking about spending tons of time outside on bikes alleviates my case of the SADS, for a little while at least.

The (virtue) Tweed Ride is happening tomorrow. I don’t really enjoy most of Portland’s themed rides. BikeSnobNYC knows what I’m talking about. He put it eloquently as he ranted about the almost immediate Memorial theme ride for Michael Jackson (he has a point, MJ’s body probably wasn’t even cold yet). It really gets to be too much at times for me (the kitschy theme rides that is). Also, I have a touch of misanthropy (or hatred of forced fun, or innate East Coast attitude, or whatever you want to call it).

This ride, however is adorable. It also has sponsors, which means free shit! Alas, I am working tomorrow, so I will not be at the first one, but I am hoping to attend the “vice ride” next month.

Here are some photos from rides past, none of which I took. You can see the sources and more photos on the Tweed PDX Flickr pool.


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