Caution, bike dorkery ahead…

So the new Bridgestone road bike that I just got is perfect. The geometry in the frame is incredible. I am 5′ 2″. Short. I’m ok with that. Unfortunately, all of the bikes that fit me are too long (reachwise) for me. I have creepy long legs and apparently a stubby torso. A lot of my friends are like 4 inches taller than me and they ride the same size bike. The problem is that although legwise, these 48cm fit me, the toptube is always too long. It’s not so much a problem for just getting around town, but any ride longer than a few miles hurts my shoulders.

This Bridgestone was made to be a racing bike (in the 1980’s), which means compact frame geometry. It’s even more compact than my beloved Centurion, which I beat to shit as a messenger and I have never loved another bike as much since.

I knew I had to replace the whole brake situation when I bought the Bridgestone. It has almost entirely original parts on it. I also decided I’d put the handlebars and brakes from said beloved Centurion (and anything else I can manage) onto the Bridgestone. Unfortunately, I realized the stem bolt was stripped and there was no way I was getting it off alone. I asked my roommate Joel, who is a longtime bike messenger/bike aficionado, to look at it and he said WOW, and suggested I get some sort of extracto tool.

This afternoon, I took it to my friend’s roommate. She is a bike mechanic. She took an allen wrench and hammered it into the bolt. That did the trick. It took about 2 seconds. AWESOME!!!! Although I could have lived with a slightly longer stem, I don’t like owning bikes that have parts stuck in the frame.


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6 Responses to Caution, bike dorkery ahead…

  1. Thanks for the compliment (:

    How have you been?

    Cool to see you’re enjoying your new bike, if I’m to be honest I never ride bikes these days every time I get onto one I seem to get a dud and end up getting injured somehow, haha.

  2. That’s actually quite funny.

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