At my job, we give customers a serious discount on copies if they are making lost pet fliers. We also let them put a flyer up on our bulletin board. There are a few lost kitty fliers that have been there a while. It’s sorta depressing. Yesterday, a regular customer sent over a lost puppy flyer for us to print. When he picked them up, I took a gander at them and asked if he lived nearby and if his dog had tags. A day earlier, I saw a little dog on the corner that looked as if it had no owner. The people that work at the sausage shop across the street (yes, seriously it’s a sausage and hotdog shop that’s been featured on the Food Network) picked it up, and took it inside. Upon telling the customer this, he ran right over there and the people at the sausage shop had his dog!

I can’t help but find it hilarious that the little hot dog ran away to the sausage and hot dog shop.

I wrote “found!” on the flyer and put it back on the bulletin board to cheer it up a bit.

In other news, it snowed in Portland last night and people are freaking out. I saw a news helicopter flying around this morning assessing the damage as if it were a warzone. There is virtually no snow on the roads. This all translates to a slow day at work, as people cower in fear in their homes, and luckily I have the latest episode of Law and Order SVU on my laptop. So that’s what I’ll be getting paid to do this morning.


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