Ugly cookies

I’m actually not that crazy about desserts or sweets. I probably eat something sweet like once or twice a week. However, last night I decided to get a little treat, and I picked up some cookies from Cougar Mountain (har har). I got the ” Ugly White Chocolate Raspberry” cookie. Mostly, because that is a similar idea as to what a Jenniferyumyum would be. (This nickname derives from a cookie, one with berries and chocolate).

They are “ugly” because they are sorta blue-ish because of the berries. I would eat them if they were black because they are fucking delicious. I bought them at Whole Foods. Who knows if they have them outside of the Northwest. They are only like $4 for a box, and each cookie has only 150 calories and not a lot of fat and I think maybe there’s vitamins in there somewhere.


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