My old apartment building is haunting me.

After escaping my lease relatively unscathed (I had to pay the amount of one month’s rent as a lease breaking fee, but then they unexpectedly returned my entire deposit which is equivalent to half month’s rent) I thought I had heard the last of Belmont Court. The front door buzzer was connected to my cell phone while I lived there. I thought the property management company would disconnect that when my lease was up, but apparently I had too much faith in them.

Tonight I picked up a phone call from the front door. I said “Hello?”, the dude said “Hi, what are you up to?!!!” I replied, “You have the wrong number, I don’t live at that building anymore.” Then I hung up. I had important things to do, like complain about how horrible Gawker’s new website is.

Then, 2 minutes later, I get a call from the front door buzzer again. This time, the guy says “Jen?” And I responded, “yeah???” (NO ONE calls me Jen, except some friends from high school, and a few former roommates that I wasn’t able to housetrain). Then it clicks in my head that maybe it’s my old roommate Robin. We had tentative plans to hang out tonight, but he canceled because he was tired, and I was relieved because I didn’t feel like going to a bar at 10pm on a weekday. The flaw in this logic is that he’d never been to that apartment when I lived there, in fact, I’ve only seen him three times since I’ve been back in Portland during the last 18 months. Two of those times were just random. Still doesn’t explain why he’d just show up at my old apartment when he said he didnt feel like hanging out.

Whoever I was talking to was incredulous that he could be calling the front door, and reaching a number that didn’t connect to inside the building. Then I asked him, (still thinking it was Robin) “Do you know someone who moved into my old apartment?” He said, “Yeah, #107?!”. Then, the front door buzzer timed out and the phone hung up.

So, I called Robin, two times. He didn’t answer, but called back a few minutes later. I said “Did you get inside?”, he said “Um, this is Robin, what are you talking about”. Whoops. I explained the situation, and said sorry about bugging him. It’s so weird, because the guy from the buzzer told me that he was Robin when I asked him, AND he sounded like him. What a fucking weirdo thing. I would have just told him to fuck off at the beginning of phone call number two, but when said my name (or an analog of it), that really caught me off guard.



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