If you give a mouse a cookie…

So two weeks into living at my new place, I am sitting in my room with just a reading light on. I notice a small dark thing moving on my floor. I turn on the overhead light and listen closely, but hear nothing and determine I am hallucinating. However, 6am the next morning, I hear the undeniable mouse noises. There is a mouse in my stuff, which I had not put away yet. As far as possible mouse damage, I am mostly concerned with a cardboard box full of clothes, which I then decide to get out of bed and put away, because I don’t want the mouse to eat them. After much clothes folding, I am able to move a few little items around on the floor and I confirm my suspicions and see a goddamn mouse in my room. Luckily, my roommate Joel was also awake, and he caught it in a glass jar only to have it spring load out to safety. He gave me a “humane” trap, but it didn’t work. The last straw was when I heard the mouse at 4am the next morning, dragging the foil from a Cadbury cream egg out of my purse and under my bed. I decided to be a jerk and get for reals mouse traps. I made sure I wasn’t the one that actually set them, because it made it somehow more palatable for me. Seriously, mice are disgusting, have disease, and reproduce at an alarming rate, so I really shouldn’t feel bad. We set the murder traps and the next night we had caught ourselves one mouse. I felt really bad because he totally looked like a mouse from Dinner for Schmucks. Cute, but depressing.

So that paragraph was basically a lead up to this disturbing fact. We caught a mouse in a “humane” trap today. My roommate then fed it to our chickens, alive!!! I had no idea that chickens ate rodents, but turns out they do. I feel weird about this.

Beware the reptilian-chicken brain!


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