cup runneth over

Not for me really though. However, my roommate Joel went down to Rickreall, Oregon to bottle some wine from an unsellable batch of Pinot Noir from 2007 at the winery where a friend/ex-pdx messenger works. Said messenger also has a hazelnut farm where he hosts epic weekend parties that people often ride their bikes 65 miles south-ish from Portland to attend.

Anyway, Joel came back with 6 cases of Pinot Noir, 4 of which are promised to other people, and two BARRELS of wine *update.. they are just wine barrels, empty wine barrels) that are now just chilling on the front porch. Each barrel of wine cost $25!!!!!! I think one is going elsewhere and he’s keeping one. As for the two cases of wine, they are considered house wine, so if I want a bottle, I put $3(!) in a jar. Too bad I am cutting back my alcohol consumption to almost nil in the name of bicycle training for the forseeable future. Oh well, something tells me we won’t run out for a while.

I stole this photo from my friend Tiah’s facebook page. She went to the “bottling” as well. She was really into it and told me she was willing to cut corners for the next few weeks to take advantage of such a sweet deal. I think she brought back 6 cases of wine.


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