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My BFF, Reilly, visited me from Tucson this weekend (Hey, Girl!). It was a short, but action packed visit. I managed to do some “Move Back to Portland” propaganda during her visit too (that’s my death of a thousand pinpricks strategy).

I picked her up at the airport on Saturday around 5. I showed her my new place. Robot freaked out that she was here…he loves her! We wanted to go to Dalo’s, an Ethiopan restaurant that gets consistently high ratings in the weekly rags. Seriously, two people can eat delicious meals, and feel totally full on about $6. The only catch is that it is in a weird industrial building, and the service is horrible.




That’s not to say they aren’t very nice, they are just extremely slow. I think it’s a cultural thing. So, anyway, we get to Dalo’s, I call my pal Eric to see if he wants to join. He agrees to meet us in 20 minutes with his friend Leif, and we go inside. On the weekends, it’s not uncommon for two guys to be jammin’ on a guitar and keyboard as the evening’s entertainment, and it’s usually pretty great. However, this time there was a weird buffet, and no servers (or staff) in sight. Overall, extreeeemly awkward. So we decided to go somewhere else instead. My new (and former….as I lived here two years ago) neighborhood has a saturation of Ethiopian restaurants. So we went to Horn of Africa instead. I will continue to describe the awkwardness of our evening in list format:

1. We walk in the back door…
2. We go to the front and a waitress says hi, and keeps walking to a table in the back.
3.We werent sure if we were supposed to follow, but then realized that she wanted us to.. she leads us to a table for two, and we tell her we are actually a party of four. She walks to a booth in the back, we follow, but it hasn’t been bussed and she tells us to go wait back in the lobby.
4. We stand around, another guy greets us, we tell him we are being helped, but are waiting for a table and our two friends. He hands me 4 menus, and we continue to wait awkwardly for five minutes, holding menus.
5. Another girl comes by and asks us if we are being helped, we tell her we’re waiting for the booth in the back to be cleaned, and she tells us it’s already been cleaned and we should go sit there.
6. We wait forever for someone to come over to us, because we want to order wine while we wait for Eric and Leif.
7. Finally a waitress comes over, we tell her we want wine, and she sorta freaks out because she has to ask someone else to take our order because she is underage and cant serve alcohol.
8. Someone that is allowed to serve us alcohol comes over, we order wine, she walks away, but comes back to ask for ids. I forgot mine in the car, and had to go back outside for it.
9. The wine takes forever to arrive. It is bad.
10. Our friends show up, and we order food.
11. It takes FOREVER for our food to arrive, our waitress comes by at one point is really shocked that we haven’t gotten food yet.
11. We finally get our food and it is pretty ok, we all ordered vegetarian dishes to share.

The moral of the story is that it’s hard to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant without awkwardness.

Reilly and I then went back to my house, but not before getting a bottle of wine to share. I “taught” her how to play dominoes and we played for a few hours. She kicked my ass, and I no longer believe that she’s never played dominoes before.

The next morning we made breakfast pizza. I saw the idea (pizza with eggs on top) on SmittenKitchen and decided I had to make it. I have a pizza crust recipe that I know by heart, and we put spinach, mushrooms, garlic, onion, olive oil, and fresh mozzerella on top. So. Good.

Photo via smitten kitchen (I have no idea where my camera is)

Then she graciously came with me to my old apartment and helped me clean and move the last items back to my new place. I couldn’t be more grateful, as I have gone there about 3 times this week, looked at everything, and then immediately left because I couldn’t handle it. We made some great progress, and went to Produce Row for lunch. We had salad and hummus and Laurelwood Red. It was good, although I was sad that it was too cold to eat outside because their patio is way better than their indoor seating.

We did some other apartment cleaning and fixing after that, then we went back to my place and took Robot on a nice long walk. Then we went to the Bye and Bye for a beer and a vegan sandwich that was out of control delicious. Then ( I told you this was action packed) we went to see Black Swan. I liked it, but right after seeing it, Reilly and I were like “WTF”. I’m gonna save my critique of that movie for another day.

Today, Reilly accompanied me on a guilty Foreves 21 shopping trip ( I really needed some new hoodies, I live in the NW). Then we decided to recreate our lunch (hummus and beer) from Sunday at Beulahland (the same place where I got this sweet photobooth strip). We worked on beginning a joint blog together, it will be called “Simply Shimp”… I am crazy stoked because we worked out THEMES and shit. It will be epic.


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