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Ok seriously..

I told myself I wouldn’t post another Portlandia clip on my blog. The show is really mediocre at best. But they made a clip about Portland Bike Messengers that is grossly inaccurate, but still funny nonetheless. I feel compelled to … Continue reading

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If you give a mouse a cookie…

So two weeks into living at my new place, I am sitting in my room with just a reading light on. I notice a small dark thing moving on my floor. I turn on the overhead light and listen closely, … Continue reading

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Someone at the vegan bakery hates Valentine’s Day

My personal favorite is “Eat Shit”. From Sweetpea Bakery’s twitter.

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cup runneth over

Not for me really though. However, my roommate Joel went down to Rickreall, Oregon to bottle some wine from an unsellable batch of Pinot Noir from 2007 at the winery where a friend/ex-pdx messenger works. Said messenger also has a … Continue reading

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Wilson A. Bentley

These photos were taken in 1890 by Wilson A. Bentley. He was the first person to photograph a single snowflake in 1885. I find a weird comfort in patterns in nature, particularly fractals. These are from the Smithsonian Institute Archive. … Continue reading

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From some blogs I like:

theswampbyhawkeyeandtrapper folkloric it’snicethat weirdfriends hungryeyeball

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Portlandia isn’t set to premiere on IFC until Friday, but it’s already up and running on Hulu. I watched the first episode and I have to say that it was pretty funny. My friend Sasha is playing bike polo in … Continue reading

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Starbucks basically sells yuppie slurpies now.

From here. I don’t know. I usually find 12 ounces rather adequate.

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Condemn or Allow

Brit Brit’s new single?

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Um, another Christmas movie…

I just saw Rare Exports at Laurelhurst Theatre with my friend Tiah, and her BF Jason. Laurelhurst is my favorite theater pub in Portland, they show second run and classic movies for 3 bucks. photo from here This one from … Continue reading

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