2010 Lists

Today, I was assaulted by various media outlets with their “Who’s who of who died in 2010” lists. Ew. So depressing. In an attempt to be less macabre, but just as pessimistic, here is my list of Worst Pop Songs in 2010. (disclaimer.. my exposure to pop music is not expansive, so I may be missing some deserving songs) Click on these at your own risk. They are terrible.

In no particular order, because I’m to lazy to come up with some sort of rubric:

Like a G6. by Far East Movement

The lyrics are so bad. I don’t even know what a G6 is, I suspect it’s some sort of airforce plane, but I’m pretty sure it’s not common knowledge. Maybe it’s an iPhone app, I have no idea. This song blows.

Tonight I’m Fucking You, by Enrique Inglesias

Tonight, Enrique Inglesias is taking you to Rapetown.

Grenade by Bruno Mars

Oh my god, talk about a co-dependant stalker. Ugh.

We R who we R by Ke$ha

Wow. Her sing songy rap is enough to drive me to gauge my eyes out. And the lyrics! Omg the lyrics!!!!

Now for some guilty pleasures of 2010

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

It’s catchy!!! I actually can’t really listen to it anymore because it was played out, but I liked it for a hot minute.

And just because this was brought to my attention earlier, and it’s ironic because the first lyric to this song is “You think I’m pretty without any makeup on.”

The Only Girl in the World by Rhianna

I could dance to this.

Let me know if you have anything to add in the comments. This list is solely from what I have heard in the car, in Oregon. The radio stations in Oregon are pretty awful. It’s mostly country and terrible pop, so when I’m in the car I get to listen to this business.

On another note, my blog friend Megan got a what what about her coolass sideblog, Bangable Dudes in History, in the Huffington Post. Loves it!


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