Roseburg and back again.

On Friday, we made a split second decision to pack up and head down to Eric’s mom’s house in Roseburg for the weekend. Eric’s mom had some delicious split pea soup and homemade bread waiting for us. It was sooooo good. We watched a bit of David Copperfield (1969) before going to bed. OMG that movie is so melodramatic. I was literally groaning about how bad it was. Strangely, I feel compelled to finish watching it some day.

The next morning, I slept in while Eric and his mom took Robot for a little hike. Then we decided to drive out to the coast to hike on the coast range and/or check out the beach near Coos Bay.

We nixed the idea of hiking because it started to get really wet, and went to Sunset Beach instead. It’s a little cove and is usually not too crowded. I camped there a few years ago on a bike tour.

Robot got to run around and jump into the ocean. It’s one of his favorite things. He also found a decomposing sea-lion (or seal, it was hard to tell). So, that was pretty gross. We told the park ranger that it was there, and she told us that they just leave it there, which I think is awesome. Better to have the sea lion’s remains feed the ecosystem than dump it in a landfill. That’s why you best be watching your step on an Oregon beach. LoLz.

There is moss everywhere in Southern Oregon, and on the Coast… actually, everywhere west of the Cascades.

I really like the contrast between the soft moss and the sharp pine needles.

Afterwards, we drove into Charleston to look for a seafood restaurant, but no luck. We ended up getting Chinese from a place in North Bend. Eric and his mom had never heard about the whole Jewish “tradition” of getting Chinese food on Christmas. I was reminded of why I almost never go to Chinese restaurants when I pulled a hair out of my soup. Ugh. I didn’t finish the soup, but I ate my lo mein and hoped that I wouldn’t get Hepatitis. That Chinese place was actually just down the street from the hotel I stayed on my first night in Oregon when I moved here almost 6 years ago. Memories…

There were some huge oil tanks next to a huge pile of wood chips right in front of the restaurant.

When we got home, we played a game of Loot. It’s a pirate themed card game. It’s pretty fun. Eric’s mom kicked our butts. After the game, Eric and I watched the first few episodes of Boardwalk Empire. So far, so good.

I took a little photo shoot of Eric petting Robot, but Robot couldn’t stop smiling. And when he smiles, he sneezes. Everything moved too fast for my crappy camera, but the results are sort of hilarious… and terrifying.

Eric’s mom told me that if we both have some time off soon, we can go up to Northern Idaho with her for a long weekend. That’s where her family’s cabin is. I would be totally stoked. I drove through Idaho and Montana a few times this year, and it’s just beautiful there.

I left Roseburg this morning around 11am. Eric has most of the next week off, so he stayed down there and is gonna take a greyhound back in a few days. I should be working on packing up my apartment now, but I’m sort of exhausted from the last two weeks of work. I think I’m going to make some soup with the vegetables in my fridge instead. I hate moving perishable food from one place to another, so that counts as preparation for moving, right? I think I can whip up some Carrot Ginger soup, and Kale and Bean soup with what I’ve got in there. I’m also planning on bringing some carrots, hummus and feta to share at work tomorrow. So hopefully, there won’t be much left in there after that.


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