The King is Dead

I really like this album cover. It’s not particularly ambitious, but the combination of the yellow sky (how weird!!!), the white lettering and design, and the silhouettes of the tops of the evergreens really hits the nail on the head for me. I’m pretty excited for their new album. I saw them play for free on the Portland Waterfront from the Morrison Bridge in 2005. Their album sort of framed my summer that year. I haven’t paid much attention to them lately, but I heard that this album should be different than thier past ones. Less English countryside, I think was the gist of one interview with Colin Meloy. It makes one wonder if there is some sort of homage to The Smiths’ “The Queen is Dead” with that title. I guess we’ll find out in January. You can listen to a track here:

On another note, semi-related:

I can add Colin Meloy to my list of Portland Celebrity Sightings. I was walking my dalmatian companion, Robot, one day and walked past the fancy new restaurant across the street from my apartment building. There’s a lot of plate glass windows going on there. I looked in and saw this guy and chick eating dinner with a bottle of wine, and I instantly started to create a story about them in my head, cuz that’s how I roll. I wasn’t staring, but the dude looks over and we make eye contact, and it’s totally Colin Meloy. I felt pretty embarrassed because he probably thought I was looking at him because of his band and stuff. Nope, don’t care about that, just wanted to make a story about you in my head, thanks. Now I can add that to…..
Gus Van Sant– Bussed his table when I worked at Taquieria Nueve-he was a regular
Stephen Malkmus– He was at the Hollywood Trader Joe’s, pretty sure he lives in Laurelhurst Neighborhood
Mayor Sam Adams– He gets Starbucks (WTF) at 1211 SW 5th Ave, the PacWest tower. I would spend my down time at that office building when I messengered. It’s across the street from City Hall.

If I could add one of the chicks from Sleater-Kinney and Chuck Palahniuk (I hear he’s a regular at a restaurant down the street), this list would be pretty robust, Portland Celebrity-wise at least.


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