Best “Food” Cart Ever

It’s no secret that food carts in Portland are having a bit of a moment. When I first moved here they really creeped me out. I was not interested in eating food made in a truck. I slowly opened up to the idea, especially when I realized they are pretty well regulated by health inspections, offer great variety, and are really cheap. There were quite a few days when I was working as a messenger when I only had a dollar to buy lunch. No problem, I would order $1 rice from the Thai cart and smother it in peanut sauce, peanuts and lime juice. Okay probably not the greatest lunch, but edible and gave me fuel to ride, AND COST A DOLLAR!!!! Also, Sometimes I had tacos for breakfast. “Breakfast of Champions” as some insightful passerby pointed out one time. Damn right.

The unfortunately named D-Street Noshery at 32nd Ave and Division is now home to a beer cart, operated by a really rad brewery, Captured by Porches Brewing. My second summer in Portland (2006),was not only saturated with dancing, bikes, and boys, but also Captured by Porches’ guerrilla pubs, meaning they would sell their brews in mason jars at house parties. It was pretty spectacular. They’ve since ended that for legal purposes, I think. Their new beer cart is totally legit though. You can get a pint, or fill up a growler to take home. They are pretty small scale so it’s nice to have a reliable place to find their delightful beverages. In fact, earlier this summer I posted about how magical their beer is. Pretty awesome.


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