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2010 Lists

Today, I was assaulted by various media outlets with their “Who’s who of who died in 2010” lists. Ew. So depressing. In an attempt to be less macabre, but just as pessimistic, here is my list of Worst Pop Songs … Continue reading

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One man’s shredding….

The store I work at offers document shredding for 50 cents a pound. It must be due to the end of the year, but various customers have brought in about 200 or 300 pounds of shredding in the last week … Continue reading

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Bike Geekery

Here’s a sweet vintage track racing video from Portland’s very own Alpenrose Velodrome. And now the opposite of track sprints…long distance rides. I’ve begun to pick out some rides I want to do in 2011. I’m starting the year off … Continue reading

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Roseburg and back again.

On Friday, we made a split second decision to pack up and head down to Eric’s mom’s house in Roseburg for the weekend. Eric’s mom had some delicious split pea soup and homemade bread waiting for us. It was sooooo … Continue reading

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Two days off in a row!

I’m going to Roseburg again, for the weekend. I liked this photo. from here.

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Finally getting into the Christmas spirit!

No, not really. That’s a bald-faced lie. But I am going to see a Christmas movie…..if you can consider a movie about an ax murdering Santa Claus a Christmas movie.

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This stamp is 865% better than our current stamp.

It’d be sweet if we had one of these stamps at my job rather than the boring DO NOT BEND stamp. Especially because I’ve recently been wanting to say “Cool story, bro” to every idiot that calls the store looking … Continue reading

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Pinball wizards

My co-worker, Mollie and I have gone out to play pinball 3 times this week. It is surprisingly effective for stress management. I have this technique where I sort of hip check the pinball machine at strategic moments (I also … Continue reading

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Portland gets made fun of by Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen on IFC. The show starts Jan 21st. It looks like it could be amusing. All of the Portland stereotypes are so obvious, I don’t know if making jokes about … Continue reading

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a new “crap we pack” post

There was a full grown man playing at the kiddie table at work today. Two days ago, a woman was doing paperwork at the table for about 45 mins. Check out more interesting stories from my job at a pack … Continue reading

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