Amalia Rodrigues

I’m drinking coffee and preparing for day 2 of a massive apartment cleaning. I had a little kitchen fire the other day. I turned on the wrong burner to boil water, and smoke quickly filled my apt. It wasnt a big deal to put out, but the smoke alarm would not shut up, and there is no exhaust fan in my kitchen. A concerned neighbor knocked on my door, and as I was talking to him and trying not to let Robot out of my place, I ended up locking myself out. In my barefeet. So, I had to run outside, climb a chainlink fence with no shoes (subsequently slicing my foot) and break into my apartment.

Anyway, as a result, all my stuff smells smokey, hence the cleaning spree.

It’s pretty hard to clean without good tunes, and I am *so bored* with indie rock. I was listening to NPR (I really hate prefacing any sentence with that btw, oh well) and heard a program on Amalia Rodrigues.

Rodrigues’ soul came from the gritty streets and docks of her native Lisbon. More about her classic rags-to-riches story in a moment, but Bruno de Almeida, who made a five-hour documentary about Rodrigues, says the striking thing about her voice is the intense emotion.

“It’s like she could feel the sadness of the world,” de Almeida says. “I mean, that’s what fado music is all about; it’s being able to go to places where one is afraid to go to.”

It’s very pretty.

So that’s how I’m spending my Sunday afternoon. I’ll be listening to her (and the Dead Kennedys, because I have such eclectic taste).

Amalia Rodrigues- Tudo Esto e Fado
(oooh.. look..I learned how to upload Mp3s onto my server and embed them)


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