Sufjan Stevens at the Schnitz

Last night, I saw Sufjan Stevens at Schnitzer Hall. I’m not really good at writing concert reviews. It was, in a word, Epic. The following things were included in the performance:

22 Minute songs
Shiny pants
Slo jamz
2 Drumsets

The setlist was almost entirely new material, except for the encore which included a solo rendition of “Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland”, and with the full band on “Chicago”.


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3 Responses to Sufjan Stevens at the Schnitz

  1. I am happy to at least see a picture! I was set to go, but no babysitter = no go 😦

    • Jennifer says:

      This picture is actually from a previous tour. I just liked the colors in the wings. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find photos online from this tour. They didn’t allow any photos/videos being taken, even cellphones. 😦

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