What is this “headset”?

OK.. so I thought about describing exactly what a headset was in my last post.. but i am lazy. I will now clarify.

ALSO… Here is a nerdy picture from that time I rode my bike from Portland to San Francisco.

The red dots are where the headset goes. It allows you to turn your front wheel. And if you have a Chris King headset, it will turn like buttah.

Just to give a perspective (money-wise) I spent 270 dollars on the frame (in the photo above, the frame is the purple part.. but not the bags on the back) that I am building into a bike, so I just spent half of that on the part that makes it turn. I am officially a bike nerd.


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3 Responses to What is this “headset”?

  1. Busty says:

    thanks for the explanation, complete with photo!
    the whole “turn like buttah” thing is very sexy, I can totally taste it…
    I’m gonna tell my brother about this chris king headset, he’s a bike nerd too, i’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

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