Goat UPDATE!!!

I went with my pal Eric to go check out the goats again on Saturday. Let me tell you, they are freaking adorable and friendly. My feeling that they are bastards has slightly lessened. They came right up to the fence and we fed them orange peels. The only problematic one was a particular goat who was hornless, she/him/it/ looked like a sheep. I seriously just thought they threw a sheep in the mix. NO it was a slightly retarded goat, with a disconcerting 7 inch spherical protrusion from its belly. I thought maybe it was pregnant, but I seriously doubt it.

Also— New in my goat/sheep knowledge file. They have rectangle pupils!!!! WTF. What planet did they come from???? So freaking weird and awesome.

Argh, it makes me want to become an agricultural (or a goat) scientist to figure out how the crap they see out of those things.. and also why do they have rectangle pupils? It seems inefficient.


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2 Responses to Goat UPDATE!!!

  1. Megan says:

    noooooo way! I did not know this. I need to go stalk some goats now.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Yeah dude! Luckily, Eric just so happened to have a family goat farm at some point in his childhood, so he calmly me informed me this was normal, and I avoided an anxiety attack about an alien goat herd near my apartment!

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