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The Organ Trail

Are you bored? Are you nostalgic for the good times you had in elementary school playing Oregon (Or-a-gone) Trail? Like zombies? Then you should play the Organ Trail! via Portland Mercury Blogtown. (always good for some inane shit) Advertisements

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Let it be said, that I fucking hate Halloween. Which is weird, because I’m totally into horror movies, zombies, and old creepy shit. I just don’t like the pressure of having to get a costume together and wear it in … Continue reading

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Sufjan Stevens at the Schnitz

Last night, I saw Sufjan Stevens at Schnitzer Hall. I’m not really good at writing concert reviews. It was, in a word, Epic. The following things were included in the performance: 22 Minute songs Shiny pants Auto-tune Slo jamz 2 … Continue reading

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Bagby Hot Springs

Putting “Go to Bagby” on my list of things to do this Fall/Winter

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Photos from the days of yore (or winter 2006)

These photos are from the magical toilet garden that Reilly and I had in our bathroom when we lived together in Portland. Somehow I managed to find an old flickr account from a few years back. Get ready for some … Continue reading

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Just in case you were wondering…

Steve Finch via Old Chum

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One of my favorite bloggers now has a new blog: Another reason why she’s rad. CHECK IT!

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Law and Order withdrawal

I miss Law and Order. Particularly Det. Cyrus Lupo. (I don’t really feel one way or another about Jeremy Sisto, oddly). Although Law and Order LA is not as terrible as I thought it would be, it still sorta sucks. … Continue reading

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What is this “headset”?

OK.. so I thought about describing exactly what a headset was in my last post.. but i am lazy. I will now clarify. ALSO… Here is a nerdy picture from that time I rode my bike from Portland to San … Continue reading

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Bike Splurges

I’ve slowly been gathering parts to build up a new bicycle. The problem is that I already have 3 working bikes, so it doesn’t make any sense to put this one together using cheapo parts. This is why I just … Continue reading

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