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It’s been a while since I’ve posted.

Here’s what’s been going on in reverse chronological order

Z. I went to work today and it was really busy. I packed up $3000 worth of German china from 1945 for a customer for shipping. I found this sticker on one of the pieces. Much appreciated.

My boss called the guy for payment and he was too drunk (the guy is 87 and it was 4pm). He said he would call back tomorrow. He actually told my boss that he goes to the gym every morning and then comes home and gets drunk. Everyday. I guess that evens out, healthwise?

Y. Yesterday I went to work and it was really busy. Nothing notable happened.

X. Sunday was not very memorable. Reilly left (she was visiting this week (hey girl!)).

(She doesn’t like her picture on the internet)

Sunday, I also spent a lot of time watching this British crime drama, Wire in the Blood. Seriously, I have watched all of the episodes of all of the watchable American crime dramas, and now must move overseas for my procedural crime shows. It’s on instant Netflix, holla!

W. I spent a $1000 fixing the car my mom gave me (ok, disclaimer, SHE spent $1000), and then it promptly broke down the next day. Good thing I mostly rely on a bike for transportation. Cars are difficult.

V. I saw Machete. And LIKED it. I like that grindhouse-y stuff anyway. My taste in movies is all over the place. Here’s some phone pictures of the walk back from the movie theater downtown to my apt over the Morrison Bridge.

BTW I got one of them fancy phones with the cameras on it. It’s an “ecophone”. I swear I had no idea, I just thought if my phone was bright green, I might not lose it. The phone is made out of corn and quietly nags me to pull the plug out of the wall after I charge it.

U. Reilly got to Portland on Wednesday. We had some wine and hummus at the Pied Cow, then some more wine at my apartment. Then we went to the Montage for dinner, and had what is seriously my favorite wine at the moment, the Tempranillo from Protocolo. We ordered a bottle of it, but I had too much before we got there, and sadly could not enjoy as much of it as I would have liked. Poor me.

T. Tuesday, I hung out with my friend Lelah. We took my pup, Robot, on a long journey to Laurelhurst Park and drank beer out of juice jars. I let him run free and wild in Laurelhurst Park and it reminded me I must let him do that more often.

S. I dont recall what happened Monday.

R. Sunday I decided I was sick to death of Dalmatian fur on everything I own. I washed Robot in my bathtub, and then brushed him with the “Furminator”. THAT SHIT WORKED. Seriously. Even almost two weeks later he’s barely shedding. I brushed him for a half hour and this was the result.

That’s a quarter on the left, for comparison.

Then I took him for a walk to dry him off, and a few blocks into it, there was blood all over him. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Finally, I realize his ear got nipped some how, maybe from his collar. Now he will forever have a hobo ear, there goes his film career. His blood also got all over my leg (yes, that pale white blob is my leg, its a bad angle. ok?).

And I think that brings me back to my last post, on Saturday, when someone drove their car into the convenience store across the street from my work. I mentioned in that post that a semi-truck crashed into the Shell station next door the day before.

They’ve put braces in the front gas pumps since. And everyone at my work has been waiting for someone to crash into our store.


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  1. Oh I love Laurelhurst park! It’s the best. Thanks for the congrats and glad that grey weather may not be so bad afterall! haha 🙂

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