My apt building is old

My apartment building was built in 1927. It is a little run down, but overall has nice retro features. I can’t argue with built-ins, crown molding, and shiny hardwood floors. Here are some anachronistic elements that it possesses that I think adds to its charm.

Exhibit A-

There are swastikas in the tilework

Okay, maybe that first one isn’t an actual swastika, I guess it’s a sauwastika. That second one is sort of iffy though. And for the record I don’t find swastikas charming. However, I do find a world where the Holocaust hadn’t taken place yet and given such a strong and negative meaning to this design somewhat charming.

Exhibit B-

This fusebox is hella old. I seriously hope it is not still in use. At least there is a fire extinguisher located closeby.

Exhibit C-

This fire alarm is pretty retro

Exhibit D-

The elevator has a wooden door (and is apparently unsafe for human transportation)

Exhibit E-

These old-timey phones/intercoms are in every apartment (including mine!!) There are buttons on the right side for the front door, manager, and janitor. Oh, how lovely it would be if there were a manager and janitor on site. Maybe then I wouldn’t have to see piles of poop around the building so frequently.

I looked up my address in The Oregonian’s archives. I mostly found for rent advertisements (no surprise). Here are some of the rental rates from the old days-





I saw this ad a bunch of times and found it amusing.

Also interesting, is the change in this building’s value.

There were also some ads saying that children were not allowed. Although I am pretty stoked there are no children in my building (cuz Robot wants to eat them), that shit is not legal nowadays.

I found some pretty interesting stories about the people who have lived in this building too. For instance, an eligible octogenarian bachelor who was an expert shaving artist, and a former logger who ran for governor. I’m going to make a zine (perk of my job is free copies!!!) and leave a stack in the lobby. If anyone reading this wants a copy, email me your address. I would have posted some of the articles I found, but I didn’t want to advertise my address on the internet.


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