Cute boys + puppies + kittens

One of my friends once knew a guy with tattoos on his arms that read puppies and kittens (one per arm). I think that’s pretty awesome. I’ve always been more of a dog person (aside from my love for my cat Minnie, who was my kitty friend from when I was 6 until 24) but in the last few years I’ve warmed up to cats. Particularly because of a certain cat named “porch kitty” or PK that adopted my roommates and I a few years ago. He came in through the doggie door and lived on the porch for a while before we said, “ok, fine”. He was very lovely. Then he got mauled by some stray pitbulls my roommate brought home. He lived to tell his story thank goodness. Anyway, there are some tumblrs where you can get your cute boys and cats or cute boys and dogs fixes.

**edit-I looked at this post again, and I do not think this dude is cute. Upon reconsideration, He kinda looks like he’s 3 shades of tan away from being considered for Jersey Shore.**

There’s more at….
Cute boys with cats tumblr
Cute boys with dogs tumblr


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2 Responses to Cute boys + puppies + kittens

  1. Megan says:

    isn’t that Marc Jacobs’ ex in the last picture? hotttt messss! no, but seriously, the boys on cute boys w/cats are finally getting cuter, I see…I abandoned the site after realizing there weren’t many good-looking ones…I’m so shallow! haaaah

  2. Jennifer says:

    Yeah… I saw the Marc Jacobs tattoo peeking out and was like wah? I did have to sort through a bit to find pics that I wanted to put in this post. Cute dudes with puppies could use a little help. But, Im glad there is a place on the internet for them!!!

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