Booze and Cruise

Yesterday was a funny day. I’ve been working a lot this week at my glamorous retail job at a pack and ship store. In a frantic rush to close up shop promptly, I inadvertently left my cell phone there. I made plans earlier to meet my friend George at his house at 815 to go to our friend Sean’s to watch Top Gun. George just moved to my neighborhood this month, and I knew where his place was, but not the exact apartment. Since I could not call him, I decided to just sit on his front steps at the planned time and wait for him to come out. I sat there for about 12 minutes before I unenthusiastically came to the conclusion that I would have to knock on all four doors of the four-plex in order to find his place. After the third knock, I found the right place, but George was not home!!! However, he was expected to return shortly. I went inside to wait. When I got to the kitchen, I realized that the girl who was there cooking up some dinner was the girl who I had helped ship a bicycle at my store earlier that day. Portland is so small. It was nice to hear that she felt comfortable shipping it because I sounded like I knew what I was doing. Even though this job is temporary, I like knowing I’m doing it right.

Anyway, after some hanging around, George and I went to get Top Gun at the Movie Madness. It turns out that the dude who works there lent it to his friend for his own Cruise-themed BBQ. So we had to watch “All The Right Moves.” 1983 was probably one of the most asinine movies I have ever watched. I could describe it, but really what’s the point. Next week booze and cruise is Top Gun though, I’m putting it on my Netflix.

This movie was actually quite scandalous. There was front boob and top cock involved. I was very surprised.


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