Party Polaroids – pt. III

I got the Polaroid film for these photos at the Goodwill Bins, which is where the dregs of the local Goodwill inventory is sold. You pay for your purchases by the pound. I got this film for like 40 cents, but it was past its expiration date. I like the way they turned out anyway.

warning… this post contains some slight debauchery

I don’t recall why we were hanging out at the park that night.

My friend Jerry just happened to ride by on his bike wearing a dress.

The dude in the lower left crawled out of the bushes with his forty ounce to take a group shot with us. No idea who he was.

Me and Jerry being inappropriate. Reilly took these. She has the one with our faces in it. After she took that one we yelled, “Not our faces!!!!”

Thanks Reilly!


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3 Responses to Party Polaroids – pt. III

  1. Megan says:

    hahahahaha I have a picture like that floating around out there somewhere, I have no idea where…my friend and I got really trashed at the one exhibit opening we were invited to while interning at the Smithsonian, then posed for pictures on the Mall while our friend snapped some, a few of those pictures included us lifting the skirts up of our dresses with the Capitol building in the background…but it was pretty dark, so maybe you can’t see much…

  2. These photos are actually pretty cool. I need to get my hands on some 600 film tbh. Oh and thanks for the comment on the photoblog (: Most of my trip abroad have been ‘get up and go’ type situations. I find that if I plan something then there’s always the chance of something going wrong (:

    Oh, and I would like to add that I’ve never flash for a polaroid. That privilege is reserved for digital, haha

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