Sufjan Stevens Fall Tour

I just bought tickets to see Sufjan Stevens at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall at the end of October! Usually fancypants Ballets and Ochestras play there. So stoked. They were not cheap either. Now I just need to find a hot date.

… and here’s a picture of him because he’s pretty.


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7 Responses to Sufjan Stevens Fall Tour

  1. I’d go just to hear Chicago!

  2. Busty says:

    i’d go so i could get backstage and make my move on the lovely sufjan, fucking yum yum… my gaydar “pings” just a tad with him, but I really can’t tell…
    I love the john wayne gacy song

    • Jennifer says:

      Oooh John Wayne Gacy (the song) is one of my favorites. Do you remember Goober from High School? I guess your bro did gave him that nickname… Anyway, his sister had a serial killer museum and I think she had one of JWG’s clown paintings. Creeeepy.

      “Pings”, that kills me. I would have to say I wouldn’t doubt it. He’s pretty mum on his personal life in the press though, so maybe we’ll never know. I like looking at his face.

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  4. winebrick41 says:

    Hello all,

    If you’re attending one of the upcoming gigs, enjoy. You’re really in for something special. if you’re interested in finding out what the Sufjan Stevens show in Toronto was like, check out my review:

    <a href="; title="Sufjan Stevens Live At Massey Hall"

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