True Blood

First, let me convey my gratitude that True Blood has been signed on for a 4th season. All the juicy shit that is building up in Season 3 is most likely headed somewhere.


So good.

Third. I really wonder if Anna Paquin’s acting makes Sookie Stackhouse so unbelievably, belligerently, obnoxious on purpose. Is she just an annoying person, or is she a fantastic actress portraying the character as she is intended to be portrayed? I guess she won an Oscar or something, I can only hope for the best.

I think what keeps me coming back to this show is the unbelievable sexiness of most of the men, the wonderful absurdity of the plotline, and my hatred of Sookie Stackhouse. Seriously she’s got Eric (eep!), that hotass werewolf, and Bill at her tail. Aaaand she has like a one-track mind that is so obnoxious. I almost abandoned this show after hearing one too many people say “Sssssssssookie”.


Anywhoo.. Here’s the trailer for tonight’s episode.

If I was better at computers I would be able to embed this, but no.

I plan on promptly spending the gloomy Portland winter rewatching the entire series. Good times.


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