Sweet vintage scores

When I went back to my Mom’s house in NY earlier this summer, she gave me a couple of cool vintage items that she’s had as long as I can remember, and I also brought back a few sweet vintage dishes that I had been storing there.

This is probably my favorite score. I didn’t even have my eye on it necesarily. When I was going through the attic, I saw it up there and realized nobody had used it in years. It was my Grandmother’s (my Dad’s mom). It was the only piece of luggage she ever brought when she would visit us from Scotland. It’s a really good long weekend bag. It probably could use a little sprucing up with some saddle soap, but it’s otherwise in great condition.

Some random pieces of different tea services

A knickknack and an egg cup from the UK

These were salvaged from an abandoned house across the street from my buddy Justin’s parent’s place. The dish on top is so pretty in my opinion. Judging by the Art Nouveau design, and just the overall delicateness of it, I am pretty sure it’s from the 1920’s. There was actually a matching tea-cup and one more saucer, but they didn’t survive one of my many moves.


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