Party Polaroids p.II

This first set is from New Year’s Eve. I set out to the Polo Haus with this pink party dress in my bag. I wasn’t sure if I was feeling it. A few hours before midnight, I decided that there was no other outfit that I could be wearing!

My old roommate and buddy Sara.

David, Sara’s BF

Dancing with a Miller High Life (well it was NYE and it is the champagne of beers). Klassy

This following set of photos are from some random house party. It was actually at this guy Joshua’s house, who was Reilly’s co-worker before she moved away from Portland, I guess it’s not that random then. Portland is so small that I ended up having friends who were friends of his (that is, when I finally started to meet friends in Portland).

That’s Scotty O. He was another messenger. He would yell “Rookie!!” at me when I rode by him downtown, even after I had been a messenger for almost two years.

I love how pissed Erica and David look in this photo.

Erica! I was enthusiastically hugging people periodically thoughout the evening. Can I just say, that I really liked my bangs that night, I had cut them earlier in the afternoon, and I’ve never been able to get them to do that again.

Ok. So that’s David, me, Sara, and Joshua. My fav part about this photo is that when we were looking at it the next day, Sara said “Who is that guy, and why am I cupping his head?”. I don’t have the answers to these questions.


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