Party Polaroids

I brought a ton of party Polaroids back from my Mom’s house in NY. They were all taken between the fall of 2006 and the early summer of 2007 when my Polaroid camera met its unfortunate demise. I just got a scanner, so I am going to scan all of them and post them for both your viewing pleasure and my archiving purposes just in case anything ever happens to them.

The following Polaroids are for the joint birthday party for myself, my old roommate Robin and his adorable dog Kansas.  The theme was Princess Pirate Ninja Riding a Unicorn through Space. I dressed as a pirate princess. Striped shirt, short knickers, tiara, and of course tights and heels to round it out. My roommates and I had gotten a windfall of a Tofurky dumpstering incident a few weeks earlier, and our freezer was PACKED with Tofurky. I decided to pawn some of it off on unsuspecting visitors and make pigs in a blanket using the Tofurky and wrapping some homemade pizza dough around them. They went quick. The highlight (lowlight??) of the evening was when some jerk from the suburbs declared that he didn’t like me (who was that guy, I have no idea) and my friend Erica threatened to beat the shit out of him. It all ended in a dramatic climax where I had to sweet talk the asshole into getting the fuck out of my house. The ironic thing is that he ended up telling me that I was the only cool person there. Ugh, drunk jerk strangers are not a good accessory to birthday parties. The next day, the floor was coated in a thick slime, and someone tagged our basement, including my roommates pool table. All in all, it was actually a great party.

Yeah, we’d been drinking.

Ugh, I’m so sad I can’t find the other pics from this little roommate photo shoot. That’s Robin on the left and Fox on the right, those are my bangs at the bottom.

Fox!!! I’ve known that guy for almost 4 years, I’ve seen him drink like 4 times. This is one of them. He also got a hold of my camera for a portion of the evening.

I miss him! He trained me on my first day as a bike messenger, that’s how he eventually became my roommate for a few months, while my roommate Sara was in Japan. Then he moved to San Francisco a few months after that(he decided that was his new homeland after we rode our bikes there together from Portland). And then he most recently moved to Bushwick, NY and we overlapped living in Brooklyn at the same time for a few months, he’s still messengering there in NYC.

Fox and the doctor (no idea who that is).

I think this is a workplace pride photo. We all messengered at Transerv. Sean is on the right, he is also an eventual citizen of NYC, I have a sneaking suspicion he lives in Pennsylvania, or maybe is back in Portland now.

Me and Robin, all being a bunch of Aries and shiz. I have the photo that is in his hand in this photo SOMEWHERE.

Dave, my boyfriend at the time. Fox waited with the camera for about 20 minutes to snap this photo of him. As you can tell, he wasn’t enthused. But hey, he’s wearing a tiara.


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2 Responses to Party Polaroids

  1. Busty says:

    Fox is a FOX

  2. Jennifer says:

    Yes, he is a handsome and unique gentleman.

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