Cute and Morbid

So I guess I’m sort of intrigued by cute and morbid things, for example I posted in the past about this and this. But you know what else is cute and morbid? Hot soldiers from the Civil War. I’ve been going through some of the photo collections on the Library of Congress website, and stumbled across these hotties. Now I have to make the obvious observation that I think I’ve seen the doppelganger of everyone of these dudes in some band playing in a basement at a house party. I feel mildly guilty about posting this because these guys have (had?) no idea what the internet is. A sidenote, none of the generals are hot from the civil war, it’s a fact (I think).

I think this one’s the hottest of the bunch

Ok, I’m not sure what’s going on with this guy and his little hand. Still, sorta hot.

Sorta young looking, still hot for Civil War era.



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4 Responses to Cute and Morbid

  1. Megan says:

    gurl, you don’t even have to tell me twice…those guys are babes…and you know another Civil War hunk that I love? Bill Compton.

    plus, Alexander Hamilton (or A Ham, as I like to call him) is a major hunk, despite his deeds…

  2. Jennifer says:

    Ahh! I know! I really hope they don’t quit doing those Civil War-time flashbacks…

    Haha, A Ham is a babe. Speaking of hot men on US currency, Andrew Jackson is looking pretty good on the $20 bill!

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  4. So I actually with the help of some friends put together a Sexy Civil War Generals album. A friend of mine linked your photo of the Sexy Colonel in this blog and it was included in our album. (Normally we wouldn’t include some one unless we knew he was at some point promoted to General, but we felt it was alright for one slot to have a Sexy Unknown Soldier)

    Since I totally ripped a pic from you, and since you also like hot dead guys I figured you might enjoy the album.

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