My fav summertime pasta recipe

So let it be said that I usually find photographs of food mildly revolting. For instance, If I go into a restaurant that has pictures of their food on the menu, I usually lose my appetite. So, you can imagine how conflicted I was about posting these photos. Mostly out of fear that the internet will not believe how delicious this recipe is.

Here are the ingredients for about four servings, use all to taste, there is really no right or wrong amount of any ingredient…

Fresh tomatoes
I used cherry, but any kind will work, as long as they are fresh. Also, don’t attempt this in the winter, the results will be pretty gross.
I used one clove, raw. You could roast or sautee a few more cloves for a milder taste.
Fresh Basil
A handful is a good amount.
Brie cheese
Use as much as your heart desires
A half pound of pasta
I prefer linguine for this recipe, although I didn’t have any on hand so I just used what was in the cupboard.

Boil pasta, chop remainder of ingredients. When pasta is finished, drain and then throw all ingredients in a bowl and mix.

The idea is that the hot pasta will cook the fresh ingredients just a little bit. It results in a creamy, cool pasta that is ridiculously delicious and summery.

You could also add some olive oil, salt and pepper to garnish.


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