Eh, So I have been meaning to finish up the Road Trip posts, and I will this week for sure…

However, because of the time I spent on the road, I wasn’t able to do all of my homework for my “Hollywood-ization of Asian-American Literature” class. I had to read a book and watch a movie each week. I cant do anything other than look out the window or drive while in the car or I get some crazy motion sickness.

Sooo. I got really behind in this class. After I got back to OR with my mom, she was really cool about giving me time to do homework, but I am weird about schoolwork (prob why my HS and College graduations are 9 years apart) I need ABSOLUTE FOCUS otherwise I fuck my shit up…

Soo, I emailed my prof, and was like…”please let me hand in everything by the end of the term and be nice about all my lateness..” And she was cool as hell and told me to get it all in as soon as I could, and as long as I didnt hand in crap we were cool and she would pass me. EXCEPT the same day, my stupid netbook got a BAD virus. My pal Eric lended me a laptop and took my netbook to fix it, BUT the HD was done, he ordered a new one. I emailed the prof my midterm paper (it was a first draft disgrace, but I felt pretty defeated so I sent her what I had). I then told her I would get the final as soon as possible, but the worst was that because of that virus, the online website where I do my classwork thinks my IP address is a virus threat now (even though I have a totally different laptop), so I couldnt do anything about it. I BEGGED her for an incomplete. She emailed back “Im sorry I could not give you an incomplete….”

FUCK I cant graduate this August??? I have to wait til Dec??? ”

“… but I gave you a C.”

HOLY LORD. I didn’t even hand in the final paper for this class, will I accept a C?????
…. fuck yes!!! I’m so over going to college at this point that I could care less.

Eh, so I’m four weeks away from graduating. Hallelujah! After I graduate, I’m going to start studying for the LSATs, so I’m not really even close to being out of the woods yet. Baby steps..


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