Patrick Mohr at Berlin Fashion Week

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I think I’m at a loss for words.


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2 Responses to Patrick Mohr at Berlin Fashion Week

  1. Busty says:

    When I first saw these pictures, the devil’s advocate in me wanted to say, “The beauty is subjective, and when designers go through the trouble of applying buckets of makeup, hair extensions and the like in an effort to make models more beautiful, who’s to say what “beautiful” is?
    But these bitches are scary!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Yeah, I would have to say that the whole beauty is subjective commentary is a valid point. BUT, these crazy alien beardfaces really detract from the clothing, I think. I didn’t do much research on this designer, but I think he also did something else shocking for his last line. Is this avant-garde, or just a publicity stunt??? I say if he is trying to shock people or make a statement he should do it with the clothes. Regardless, I really enjoyed these pics, they are creeptastic.

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