Road Trip – Pt. 3

Ok, I lied in the last post when I said next is Montana, there are actually a few more notable things about Wyoming…..

I have to say, I was rather disappointed with Wyoming. I was anticipating it to be all Brokeback Mountain and shiz, but after some thought, I came to the conclusion that I must have just traveled through the wrong part of the state! One day, I will see what it’s all about. (Do you have any idea what I’m talking about? I think maybe I don’t.)

Anyway, Wyoming has weird liquor laws. Like, I totally don’t get them. You can’t buy any beer, wine (or liquor) from anywhere but a liquor store. I think there aren’t even bars in WY and that you have to drink INSIDE the liquor store otherwise get that shit to go. And there is all this advertisement for “package liquor”, which is a thing, I guess. I mean how else would you take it with you, in your two cupped hands? Whatevs, I didn’t want imbibe anyway, I just thought it was pretty weird.

So after we decided that Yellowstone, which is mostly in NW Wyoming, was not a great idea, we headed towards Billings MT (which is located conveniently on the interstate and not on weird mountain roads like Yellowstone) and planned on staying the night there.

Let me get one thing straight.

If Montana was a man, I would marry it/him. Not that I necessarily believe in marriage or the likelihood of states transforming into eligible bachelors. But SERIOUSLY! If there are two qualities that I enjoy in a man, it’s A) Ruggedness and B) Handsomeness. Two things that Montana surely possesses.

I mean look at this shit!

Road Trip July 2010

Road Trip July 2010

Road Trip July 2010

Road Trip July 2010

So the following photos are from the road trip, but it’s not the first time I’ve been to this spot. We were near the Lewis and Clark Caverns between Bozeman and Missoula. The first time I was here was in April, when I went with my college cycling team for a road race. When I was “racing” I tried to hang on to the pack (meaning the girls that are actually racing each other) for a few miles, but honestly, I don’t really enjoy athletic competition (I was a band geek/art nerd in HS). So I just let them race each other and hung back for a freaking unbelievably beautiful 20 mile ride where I got to see shit like this crazy cavern below..

Road Trip July 2010

I actually gasped out load to myself the first time I saw this!

Road Trip July 2010

When I took that picture, I thought to myself “How can I accurately describe the scale of how big that freaking thing is?”. Here’s how.. You could fit HUNDREDS of cars inside!!!!

After the race (oh did I mention at the end of the race we had ride our bikes up a freaking mountain, a big one??? I wanted to die at the end), my teammate Susie said riding through there felt like riding though Mordor, and my other teammate Ariel found a freaking spine on the side of the road. Montana doesn’t fuck around!

Road Trip July 2010

Road Trip July 2010

I was sad to leave this lovely state. But, continuing the husband analogy (if I may), Montana would be like the beau who doesn’t let you hang out with your friends ever, because it’s in the middle of NOWHERE!!! Even the biggest “cities” in Montana are quaint.

So, maybe when I’m sixty, or if I manage to find a ridiculously affordable summer cabin (bear-proof of course, I hate getting mauled by bears), I will spend sizable chunks of time there. Until then, I’ll be spending my time in the little city that could, Portland.

The next and final chapter will be Idaho, Washington and Oregon!!!!


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