Road Trip Part 2

After spending the second night a few hours outside of Chicago, we pressed on through Wisconsin and Minnesota. Again, I tried to sleep through most of it because it was just too hot for consciousness. We had lunch at Wisconsin Dell, which is a crazy tourist trap hell hole. There were like 4 completely indoor amusement parks, with ferris wheels and everything. We spent the next night in Sioux Falls.

So stoked for clouds!

The next morning, the heat finally subsided some, and we went on a little detour through the Badlands, which were awesome. I wish I had more time to go hiking through them for a few days.

There are signs for “Wall Drug” that begin about 400 miles away from the actual location of this illustrious destination. It’s actually some old drug store in what was once a frontier town.

I met a little turtle at a rest stop. I worried he would get crushed, and wanted to move him somewhere safe. My mom worried it would be coated in salmonella bacteria. I told her I would just wash my hands. When I went to pick him up, he shot away from me like lightning! That little bugger was fast! He eventually made his way to safe ground on his own.

And of course, Mount Rushmore.

We had high hopes of also checking out Yellowstone on this trip,and staying somewhere close by that night after seeing Mt. Rushmore, but my car starting doing a cute little stalling thing, and leaking oil at a mildly alarming rate. So we decided to forget about Yellowstone, made it a few hundred miles into Wyoming, and stayed there for the night.

Next is Montana…


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