I think I’m too old for this sorta thing

So, my mom is still in town. I thought a fun thing to do would be to go see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo at Living Room Theaters. It’s a cool place to see a movie, they have a decent food menu, a full bar, and really cush seats in a relatively small theater. I also figured this was a good movie to see with my mom. She’s read a few books from the series, and while it’s not really something I would view on my volition, I figured it would be entertaining enough. UGH. It was pretty entertaining I guess, but there was a little too much sadism and rape for my taste. Also, it was TWO AND A HALF HOURS LONG!!! Is the Titanic even that long??? After the two-hour mark I started fantasizing about punching myself in the forehead. Anyway..that’s not the point of this post…

We wanted to get some dinner after the movie, and I thought a good place to go was the Montage. It’s in the central eastside industrial neighborhood in Portland, only 10 blocks from my place. They serve cajun-esque food there. It’s reasonably priced, they have cool art and decor. Some of my favorites being the broken cast iron pan collection hanging on the wall and the tops of tin cans used as patches for the wood floors (they also have large oil paintings and other fancy crap). Not to mention, the food is actually quite tasty as well. However, what I cannot understand, is that they decided to wrap up my leftovers in aluminum shaped like a cat!

Ok admittedly, I knew that this is sort of their jam, because I’ve eaten there before. But I really ended up feeling weird carrying my mac and cheese in such fanciful packaging past the little junior hipsters that were hanging out on a sofa bed in my apartment building courtyard. Eh, I guess whatever. I sure am going to enjoy that spicy mac and cheese for lunch, even if I have to disembowel this ridiculous aluminum cat to get it.


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